Pokémon GO: Shiny catch rates at GO Fest cause frustration

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from Sarah Petzold
The GO Fest in Pokémon GO is once again causing more frustration than excitement for fans. In particular, the shiny rate is significantly lower than expected by the players. Could a bug be to blame?

Actually, the catch rates for Shiny Pokémon should be significantly increased during the GO Fest in Pokémon GO – at least for ticket holders. But since the start of the event, many players have complained that despite this, they almost didn’t catch any Shinys. In any case, the anger among the fans is great, so great that some suspect a bug could be to blame for the low shiny rates.

Despite several thousand caught Pokémon (almost) no Shiny

Reports are piling up on reddit from trainers who caught several thousand Pokémon during GO Fest, of which only a small single-digit number were actually Shinys. Some claim not to have even seen a Shiny at all:

Niantic had announced in advance that players with a ticket for the GO Fest were more likely than usual to attract Shiny Pokémon via smoke. However, there was an additional issue with using Smoke that could also have contributed to the low Shiny catch rates: a graphics bug caused Pokémon that were supposed to have already fled the map to appear anyway, but then not catch themselves because they fled immediately.

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Did Niantic make a mistake with the spawn rate?

However, the reddit user BroekieChan suspects that the rate of emerging shinys could also be bugged. He writes in a post on SilphRoad-reddit that for him and his friends the shiny rates on Saturday were the same as on Sunday, although Niantic had announced higher shiny rates for Saturday. In addition, BroekieChan reports that some of his friends encountered very low levels of Shinys despite purchasing tickets. He believes that Niantic may have made a mistake or two with both the ticket boosts and the increase in spawn rates on the first day of GO Fest.