Diablo Immortal: Demon Hunter Cosmetic Sets (Video)

Diablo Immortal: Demon Hunter Cosmetic Sets (Video)

from Norbert Raetz
Of course, among the many items in the cash shop in Blizzard’s Diablo Immortal there is also something for the eye. At launch, each class will be able to purchase Winged Darkness, Crystalline Echoes, Heirs of Westmarch, Battlefield Skirmishes, and Diablo II transmog sets. The magnificent sets are available in a collector’s edition including a unique city portal and without it by default. In the following video we show you the demon hunter sets.

Publisher Blizzard Entertainment writes about Diablo Immortal:


READY FOR HELL! Diablo® Immortal™the latest entry in Blizzard Entertainment’s legendary Diablo series, is an uncompromising free-to-play mobile experience that unleashes the dark madness of the genre-defining RPG action the series is known for – now in massively multiplayer online world.

HUGE CAMPAIGN, EXTENSIVE OPEN WORLD – Diablo Immortal is the largest Diablo game Blizzard has launched to date, offering players a rich storyline to travel through alone or with other players in an epic campaign, as well as a massive shared world with a variety of social mechanics . And that is just the beginning.

  • New story set between the events of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction® and Diablo III
  • Eight unique zones and six powerful classes at launch (Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Wizard, and Necromancer) with new classes added after launch
  • New dungeons and zones are introduced several times a year
  • Live in-game events will be added regularly, along with the Battle Pass and cosmetic updates
  • Craft and trade with fellow demon slayers in the bustling central city of Westmarch, form warbands of up to 8 players, join clans of up to 100 players to take on group challenges, or fight in the perpetual faction-based Cycle of Conflict PvP system and more
  • Tons of legendary and set items to hunt for, with game-changing affixes for all 6 classes
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GO TO HELL, ON THE GO – Diablo Immortal features fluid touch controls for a AAA experience on Android and iOS mobile devices, and is also available on Windows® PC via Battle.net® (when launched as an open beta), allowing players to enjoy cross-play and cross- progress without missing a beat (player progress will not reset at the end of Open Beta).

  • Integrated controller support
  • Traditional Diablo point-and-click keyboard and mouse functionality
  • New WASD character movement

THE FIRST FREE TO PLAY DIABLO – Whether players use optional in-game purchases or not, everyone can experience the full story and all character classes, quests, zones, and dungeons for free. In celebration of over 35 million pre-registrations, all players will receive the Gold Plated Horadric Cosmetic Set after completing the starting tutorial!