Highwater: New isometric survival game announced

Highwater: New isometric survival game announced

Survival games are a dime a dozen these days. And then there are survival games with sand and sea. And then there are survival games without sea, but with a lot of water. Somewhere here is probably the new narrative survival game from publisher Rogue Games. The title is being developed by Demagog, who most recently worked on the post-apocalyptic golf game Golf Club: Wasteland. In the game, life on Earth has been completely wiped out and the richest people have fled to Mars. They only come back to Earth every once in a while to play a round of golf.

Hope you can swim – see Highwaters in the first trailer

The survival game Highwater is based on the same scenario, because here too the player finds himself in a post-apocalyptic world that has been completely flooded. The richest people are about to evacuate to Mars. In this flooded world, players must solve puzzles, master turn-based combat, and survive long enough to somehow land on the super-rich’s rocket.

Highwater: Flooded – post-apocalyptic indie adventure trailer

In the trailer itself you get a good insight into how the whole thing will play out. The character navigates the world in a small boat, visits ruins of the ancient civilization, even makes some friends along the way, and listens to a pretty good soundtrack along the way.

Highwater is slated for release later this year. So we can probably look forward to some more information on the upcoming title in the coming months. The game also already has its own Steam page, where you can find some additional information. You can also add it to your wish list here so that you will be notified directly when it appears at some point.


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