The Last of Us multiplayer officially announced with first image

What you see above is the first look at The Last of Us multiplayer.

What you see above is the first look at The Last of Us multiplayer.

It was the biggest surprise at Summer Game Fest. When Neil Druckmann from developer Naughty Dog came on stage, many probably initially thought of the previously leaked remake of The Last of Us. But then there was the first information about one Stand alone multiplayer to the survival game. Although there was no first trailer to see, there was some interesting information and the first concept art, which you can see above.

When is The Last of Us multiplayer coming out? Unfortunately, we can’t give you an exact release date yet, but according to Druckmann, the game should appear next year.

“The greatest The Last of Us game yet”

As rumored years ago, with the independent multiplayer you can expect not only an appendage for The Last of Us: Part 2, which appears with a time delay. According to Druckmann, we’re getting the biggest game in the franchise to date, which should come with some new twists. However, we can still speculate about what these are for some time.

We still know: As can be seen in the picture above, the multiplayer definitely takes place in San Francisco, which is not surprising given the history of The Last of Us. Also, the game is known to have its own story carried out by a new cast of characters. It is therefore more than questionable whether we will experience Ellie, Abby and Co. in the game.

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What else can you see in the picture:

  • Clickers can be seen roaming the streets, suggesting a PvE element.
  • As weapons we see a sniper, a bow, a knife and a Molotov cocktail
  • A sandstorm rages through San Francisco, which immediately reminds us of the Levolution system from Battlefield.

Unfortunately, there is no further information about the game yet. As soon as we find out more, you will find out on GamePro.

More latest news about The Last of Us

However, Druckmann had more information about the franchise with him, including the first official picture from the HBO series, which you can check out here:

If you want to find out more about the series, you can do so in our detailed overview.

The Last of Us Remake official: There was also a first trailer and information about the PS5 and PC new edition of the first part today. You can find out more about the remake, which will be released later this year, here:

Remake officially confirmed for PS5 and PC


The Last of Us

Remake officially confirmed for PS5 and PC

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What are your thoughts on the first info on The Last of Us multiplayer?