The Last of Us series: New set photo is Ellie and Joel’s most beautiful yet

Ellie und Joel brauchen noch eine Weile.

TLoU is primarily about the relationship between Ellie and Joel.

By now we’ve already seen some pictures and even videos from the set of the upcoming The Last of Us series. We also already know Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal as Ellie and Joel – from an official picture of the production and various photos from the set. Now a photo of the two main characters is doing the rounds, giving us a glimpse of Ellie and Joel’s emotional bond. When the chemistry between Ramsey and Pascal comes across as well in the series as it does in the photo, there really isn’t much that can go wrong.

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This is what the set pictures tell us about The Last of Us

Some pictures are just beautiful and maybe reflect a bit of the atmosphere, while other photos reveal essential details about the story and the game world. For example, thanks to a photo evidence, we know that Ellie and Joel will end up in Kansas City, which never plays a role in the game – in return Pittsburgh will probably be removed as a setting. So TLoU will combine familiar elements from the Naughty Dog title with new elements in order to keep even die-hard fans interested.

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Here you will find all important information about the series:

Start, Cast, Story - all information


The Last of Us series

Start, Cast, Story – all information

We already know these places: One of the most important locations in The Last of Us is Saint Mary’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, which the Fireflys have made their headquarters. The story of the game ends here, and the building complex also plays a decisive role in the series. There are also images of one of the most intense action scenes from the game. Also in the series, Ellie and Joel have to fight their way through a suburb that is being monitored by a sniper.

More news about the TloU series:

When will The Last of Us air? This year, the series will no longer flicker across our screens, even if filming is due to be completed soon, because complex post-production will follow afterwards. The Last of Us can be expected next year at the earliest. If you want to watch the series in German, you’ll probably need to subscribe to Sky, as the service has an exclusive deal with HBO.

How do you like the picture of Ellie and Joel?