Anger Foot: Hotline Miami in 3D Coming in 2023 – News

Anger Foot: Hotline Miami in 3D Coming in 2023 - News

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Tonight hosted not only Geoff Keighley the opening event for his Summer Game Fest, Devolver Digital also insisted on broadcasting a stream. Typically for the publisher, things were silly, wild and just plain weird overall. In the course of the event, Anger Foot also presented a game that Hotline Miami– Veterans may have noticed.

As with the two indie pearls from Dennaton, you slaughter your way through crowds of opponents in narrow buildings. You will be accompanied by a powerful hard bass soundtrack. The highlight, however, is that Anger Foot plays from the first person and not from the top-down point of view like Hotline Miami. The game also relies heavily on a Shaky cam. If you’ve gotten excited about playing Free Lives, there’s currently one on Steam free demo. Anger Foot is slated for release sometime in 2023.

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