Anno 1800: Update on the new DLCs – next add-on is coming in June

Anno 1800: Players have voted - this DLC comes for the build-up game

Still in June is the next cosmetic DLC for Anno 1800 ready for download. Like Ubisoft Mainz in one current blog entry on the Anno website, this appears Industrial Zone Pack on June 28th. The DLC includes ornaments focused on construction and industry. One of the focal points are the railway systems. “Fans of miniature railways will certainly enjoy embellishing their islands with ornaments such as a gatekeeper’s house with its own small platform,” the developers write. A full list of ornaments is expected to be submitted in the coming weeks.

Information about the Old Town package in July

Ubisoft Mainz had the third cosmetic DLC of the year voted on: fans chose it Old Town Package, which is currently being implemented by the developers. “It’s still a bit early to talk about details, but we should be able to take a first look at what you can expect from this cosmetic DLC in July,” the developers say. The DLC should contain ornaments that are based on previous Anno games. The release is planned for autumn. The cosmetic extensions cost 4.99 euros each.