Buy PS5: You can just grab the bundle with Horizon Forbidden West and FIFA 22

Buy PS5: You can just grab the bundle with Horizon Forbidden West and FIFA 22

Drops from Sony’s PlayStation 5 have been lackluster for the last month, but you can now snag the coveted console again. This time the online retailer myToys is offering them in two bundles.

Buy PS5: These are the bundles

This time you don’t just get the pure PS5, but if you’re looking for a few more games for your new console, you’re in luck: the bundles include Horizon Forbidden West and FIFA 22. This is in the two offers:

How many consoles are there? myToys doesn’t state that, but the second bundle with DualSense Controller is already almost sold out, so you have to hurry.

You should pay attention to this when buying a PS5

Beware of false offers: As always, of course, this time again: Pay attention to who the PS5 offer comes from. In addition to official shops, there are always scammers who copy online shops in order to rip off unsuspecting customers. So always look very closely at the URL of the shop and pay attention to marketplaces like Amazon whether the consoles are offered by the shop itself or by third parties. Among them are always fake shops that rip you off and don’t send any PS5 at all.

Also check out local retailers: If you haven’t had any luck with the current drops so far, it can always be worth stopping by at local retailers. Media Markt and Saturn, for example, are getting the consoles delivered to the shops more and more often, which then at least cannot be picked up immediately by scalpers. So it can definitely be worth stopping by the local shop to see if you’re lucky.

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Looking to grab a PS5 bundle or just looking for the console?