Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Leaded operation shown on oil rig

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Leaded operation shown on oil rig

After the wildly cut reveal trailer, Infinity Ward shows us a long scene from the game: The “Dark Water” mission takes the soldiers to an oil rig, where plenty of enemies are shot.

The scene of the mission shown is an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico – there is said to be deadly cargo stored there that “could trigger a global conflict”: Task Force 141 from the game is said to have information that missiles are hidden on board the floating island. So what to do? Of course, a team made up of Soap, Ghost and – brand new – Mexican special forces is sent out to clean up the bad guys there.

You can whistle through the almost eight minutes of real game scenes in the video below – let us know in the comments if you spot something there that hasn’t already been seen in umpteen Call of Dutys. Of course, the action looks superbly choreographed, of course the developers of Infinity Ward have a knack for staging tactical-looking special force procedures dramatically, but the mission shown seems quite interchangeable to me. A big pinch of “Crew Expendable” from the very first Modern Warfare, plus a pinch of the favela combat from MW2. When things get hot in the new game scenes between shifting freight containers, the lead rains down on the CoD soldiers, similar to Brazil.

We see a bit of tactical “two left, three right”, brutally rattling guns, terrorists killed quickly and professionally. Water sloshing across the deck and driving rain. After a few volleys, the emergency services seem to have reached their goal, only to find the container empty, of course, because the enemies of the state were one step ahead again. yawn. The final placement of the opponent on a freighter, with the freight sliding impressively over the ship, as just described, is then at least the technically most impressive part of a manageably exciting demo mission. There’s more to come, Infinity Ward!

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