Devolver Digital Summer Showcase: Angry feet and skating demons

Devolver Digital Summer Showcase: Angry feet and skating demons

Following the Summer Game Fest, the publisher Devolver Digital presented new titles in its once again humorous showcase. We have summarized the announcements for you.

All Devolver Digital announcements at a glance

Cult of the Lamb: This crazy title was announced earlier this year, in which you play a little lamb who has to start a cult in order to get revenge on a ghost. With your fluffy charm and big beady eyes, you will quickly gather new followers, gather resources and become the only true lamb god. You can walk the path of the Lamb Cult on PC and all consoles starting August 11th.

Anger Foot: No less crazy is this lightning-fast FPS action game for PC, where anger and feet come together in a “Caffeinated Fever Dream of Shit City”. You play a man who has made it his life’s work to kick down doors and take out gangsters. As you progress as a deadly bouncer, you’ll learn more kicks and unique abilities. Will Anger Foot kick down the door to your heart next year too?

Card Shark: Although Card Shark has already been released, Devolver Digital wanted to shed some light on the card game, which is all about tricks and cheating. In 18th century France you want to rise in society and you need money to do so. You get this by winning card games. Cunning is key in this PC and Nintendo Switch game where the stakes keep getting higher and the opponents get tougher.

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The Plucky Squire: This beautifully animated adventure is about the young squire Jot, who discovers a world outside of his two-dimensional storybook and henceforth switches between the 2D and 3D world. He has to face the villain from the fairy tale, who also wants to have his own happy ending. In order to stop him, Jot has to solve puzzles, fight badgers and whatever else a hero does. Next year, you can discover the world beyond the preordained with the brave squire on PC, Switch, PS5 and Xbox Series.

Skate Story: Unlike other skating games where you can play boring humans, here you are with a demon made of glass and pain, sped through the underworld with his board. Not for fun, of course, because the devil himself has commissioned you to skate to the moon and devour it. This is the only way you can escape the beautifully dazzling, but also oppressive hell. So something different. Dark and moody, Skate Story is coming to PC in 2023.