Eligella Summer Games: Mallorca event starts Sunday – All participants

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EliasN97 has a million followers on Twitch. The streamer now wants to celebrate the milestone with a big break in Mallorca. Everything about the event.

Mallorca – EliasN97 is currently the largest streamer in Germany. In just two years, Elias Nerlich has fought his way to the top of Twitch. On June 1st he pooped a million followers and came up with something very special for that milestone. A one million follower special in Mallorca. We show you how EliasN97 made it this far and what he has planned for the Eligella Summer Games.

Full name Elias Nerlich
Known as EliasN97 or Eligella
birthday December 10, 1997
Place of birth Berlin
Followers on YouTube 826,000 (as of June 2022)
Followers on Twitch 1,000,000 (as of June 2022)

EliasN97: One million followers in two years – Germany’s largest streamer

What happened? Something is happening at the top in Twitch Germany. While MontanaBlack wants to spend more time with friends and family, EliasN97 has secured the rank at the top – and by a wide margin. In May, he was watched for over 6 million hours streaming on Twitch. That’s almost twice as much as number two on the list – League of Legends streamer NoWay4u.

EliasN97 is currently the largest German streamer – by a wide margin

© sullygnome/Unsplash (montage)

How did he do it? In just two years, EliasN97 has become the largest German streamer. He started with an average of 3000 viewers – fans he took from YouTube. He now streams almost daily for an average of 30,000 people. EliasN97 has given up on FIFA and can stream himself into the hearts of the fans even without content for the football simulation – even if he looks back at his love-hate relationship with FIFA from time to time.

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One million followers: On June 1st, Elias Nerlich hit one million followers. Although he doesn’t come close to MontanaBlack’s 4.5 million followers, he can still rest at the top of the German Twitch – worldwide he made it to 12th place in May. EliasN97 was one of the top German newcomers on Twitch in 2021.

EliasN97: One Million Followers Special in Mallorca – Eligella Summer Games

This is coming now: To celebrate his milestone, EliasN97 is hosting a top-notch Twitch event in Mallorca. The streamer has rented a modern finca for the Eligella Summer Games, where 15 creators compete against each other in three teams. There are 12 mini-games to be played – what exactly happens can only be guessed at. The prize money is 25,000. You can see the participants at the Eligella Summer Games here in the picture.

EliasN97: Eligella Summer Games on June 12th with these participants

© Twitter: EliasN97/Unsplash (montage)

When will that happen? The Eligella Summer Games are set to take place as early as June 12th and will be streamed live on EliasN97’s Twitch channel, so there’s no longer a long wait. The streamer shared the trailer in one tweet and wrote that he and his management had been working on the plan for months. With so much work to do, the Eligella Summer Games promises to be one of the biggest Twitch events of the year.

Rubric list image: © Twitter/Instagram: eliasn97 (montage)