Gotham Knights: Nightwing featured

Elden Ring: Einige Spieler haben den Titel bereits erhalten und teilen Spoiler im Internet

Also at Summer Game Fest was the cooperative superhero adventure Gotham Knights (from 53.99€ at pre-order) in the DC Universe his deserved moment in the spotlight. This time the focus of character attention: Batman contender Nightwing.

Nightwing in focus

The fresh game scene trailer from the Summer Game Fest provides new impressions of the fighting style, outfits and background of the battle staff fan Nightwing. Together with the Red Hood, Batgirl and Robin, he has to clean up the streets of Gotham after the great role model Batman is no longer among the living.

Gotham Knights will be released on October 23, 2022 and, in addition to the four heroes, will also offer a cooperative game mode in which two players work together to rid the city of crime.

Only for the current generation of consoles

However, PS4 and Xbox One players are looking into the proverbial tube: Gotham Knights will only appear on the current generation of consoles. Warner already announced in May that the planned release on PS4 and Xbox One would be avoided.

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