Marvel’s Midnight Suns: New trailer shows Venom and Spidey


The brand new CGI trailer for the turn-based, tactical battles of various Marvel heroes introduces you to new characters on the good and bad side. There is also a release date.

X-COM becomes X-Men

Where Firaxis is on it, there are exciting confrontations with bad-tempered aliens or, more recently, a power-obsessed witch on a tactical level. In Marvel’s Midnights Suns you have control – in addition to a specially created character – of a wide range of Marvel heroes who oppose the powerful and unmerciful sorceress Lilith and her entourage.

Hulk on the wrong side?

She, too, gets reinforcements, even the Hulk, according to the new trailer, seems to succumb to her green shimmering charm and beats his ex-colleagues in her name. Apparently, it doesn’t help much that Venom and Spider-Man rush to help on the good side to keep the balance.

However, the new trailer again only shows action-packed CGI sequences that have little to do with the actual gameplay – a pity! Because slowly it is time to make the inclined gamers hot with convincing gameplay. As early as October 7th, turn-based beatings can begin on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X.

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