Metal: Hellsinger – release confirmed & demo is available now

At yesterday Summer Game Fest 2022 became not just one new trailer of Metal: Hellsinger shown, but also the release date announced. Besides is one now demo of the rhythmic-demonic action games from home funcom available.

As can be seen at the end of the trailer, “Metal: Hellsinger” will be released on September 15, 2022 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and personal computer. Who pre-orders the game and can’t wait, gets 48 hours early access and can already start on September 13th.

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For those who want to get a taste of it now, there is a free demo version is now available at Steamin the PlayStation Store and of course also in Microsoft Store.

Kill to the beat

The game principle is special and equally simple: Fight to the beat of the music. The rhythm is followed by moving, shooting at opponents and executing finishers.

It doesn’t sound that difficult at first, but it is quite a challenge. Anyone who – especially with shooters – is usually in hit-and-run mode should restrain themselves a bit here. Called: The better you hit the beat, the more effective and powerful your attacks will be. If you make a mistake, attack bonuses disappear and your character becomes weaker accordingly.

With six individual weapons in your luggage you go as a demon-human hybridon a vendetta to hell to ultimately to face the devil himself.

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Metal: Hellsinger gives something to the ears

As the title already suggests, there is no fighting to any music. For “Metal: Hellsinger”. engaged some of the greats of the metal scene and composed their own songs. For example, there are Serj Tankian (System Of A Down) Matt Heafy by Trivium (himself an avid gamer) and Alissa White-Gluz by Arch Enemy, which opens the demo level.

With this rhythm-based metal shooter to have Publisher Funcom and Developer The Outsiders an interesting niche game that shines with all sorts of nice details (hardened metalheads will surely see them) and pure heavy music.

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