Modern Warfare 2 is deleting a feature – instead of anger, there is applause from fans

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Modern Warfare 2 aims to make everything better. Activision wants to correct CoD Vanguard’s mistakes. A feature is therefore thrown out in multiplayer.

Santa Monica, California – CoD Vanguard was a disappointment for many fans – not least for Activision. Low sales figures, polarizing setting, problematic integration into Warzone – the list is long. With Modern Warfare 2, developer Infinity Ward is supposed to turn things around again. One seems to want to reflect on the strengths of the series. That’s why a feature in Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer is being thrown out and the fans are excited.

name of the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II
release October 28, 2022
Publishers Activision
Row Call of Duty
developer Infinity Ward
platform PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC
genre First person shooter

Modern Warfare 2: A multiplayer feature will be removed

This feature will be dropped: The feature that Infinity Ward has eliminated is destruction in Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer. CoD Vanguard introduced destructible elements on the maps in multiplayer of a Call of Duty for the first time. These were doors, wooden walls, furniture and the like, which could be destroyed by bullets or by running through them. Apparently, this feature will no longer be available in Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare 2: Destruction is canceled

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This emerges from a Q&A session where Infinity Ward invited influencers and English-speaking press to their studio in LA. When asked by Venturebeat, multiplayer design director Geoffrey Smith said there was no destruction in Modern Warfare 2.

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Modern Warfare 2 – the most important information

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Modern Warfare 2 fans celebrate after canceled multiplayer feature

Here’s how the fans react: Relief is overwhelming among fans discussing the topic on Reddit. In her opinion, the feature was difficult to balance. Above all, players with less skill are at a disadvantage if they are killed through holes that they cannot even see themselves. The destruction experiment from CoD Vangaurd seems to have been shelved for the time being.

What else you need to know about MW2: In the campaign, on the other hand, things look different with the destruction. Patrick Kelly, Infinity Ward’s co-studio head, explained that they didn’t hold back there. You can find out what else you need to know about the game here: Modern Warfare 2: Multiplayer, Campaign and Warzone 2 – the highlights

List of rubrics: © Activision / IMAGO (montage)