New World finally gets rid of annoying dungeon orbs – but the new solution also gets criticism

New World finally gets rid of annoying dungeon orbs - but the new solution also gets criticism

In a new dev update, the developers at New World talked about upcoming updates. In July, the focus is on the dungeons. A new instance will be released, the dungeon finder will come, and the orbs for entering dungeons will be abolished. However, you won’t be able to run endless dungeons in the future either.

What is changing about the orbs? If you want to join a dungeon, you need a special voice ball. You can get these through crafting, the faction trader, or you can pay other players to open a dungeon for you. One ball per group is required.

However, many found this mechanic limiting, so it will be eliminated with the July patch. However, this comes with another limitation:

  • You can complete a maximum of 15 normal dungeons per day
  • You can complete a maximum of 20 mutant dungeons per week
  • If you still have orbs when the update starts, they will be converted so that you get crates from the dungeons as replacements

How is that received? The removal of the orbs is generally viewed positively. The 15 normal dungeons per day are also accepted by many, because this is supposed to prevent a special boss from being constantly farmed to get the desired item.

However, many feel that the 20 mutated dungeons per week are not enough. However, Amazon still has the opportunity to make adjustments based on the feedback.

Big updates to dungeons, perks, and salvaging

What else is changing in the dungeons? The July patch brings the new dungeon Barnacles and Gunpowder, as well as the long-awaited dungeon finder.

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We already know from the April update how this finder should work:

  • For this you can run to the entrance of a dungeon and create a group search there or join a group.
  • When searching for a group, you can specify exactly how many tanks, healers or damage dealers you want for the group.
  • In addition, the player’s attribute distribution and weapon mastery should be visible to check whether they can also fulfill this role.

You can see the full update in this video:

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What does the patch bring apart from the dungeon adjustments? Another highlight of the July patch are the adjustments to the perks. Currently there are many effects on armor and weapons that are considered underpowered. With the update, 150 perks are to be revised or removed in order to provide better equipment overall.

There are also a number of “Quality of Life” adjustments:

  • Loot drops should generally have more epics and less green and blue equipment
  • Specific items from the dungeon bosses can now be recycled and give materials to craft the right item from
  • In general, recycling should be more rewarding and in future have the chance to also give other materials when destroyed
  • The collecting and upgrading disciplines in crafting should be able to be leveled faster in the future
  • Gunsmith and carpentry should be able to be leveled faster in the future
  • The new PvP reward path is being adjusted to prevent players from leveling it faster than originally planned. This path was introduced with the new PvP arenas in late May
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When can the new update be tested? The patch will not be released on the test servers until July and is then expected to be released at the end of July.

What do you think of the changes in the July update? Are you looking forward to the new dungeon and the dungeon finder? What do you think of the changes to orbs? Feel free to write it in the comments.

For more on future updates of New World, check out the roadmap:

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