Stranger Things star almost ruined his life with WoW

This Lady Vashj cosplayer from World of Warcraft guards your Tier Set Helm (1)

It’s no longer a secret that online role-playing games such as World of Warcraft harbor a certain potential for addiction that has already captivated numerous players – and quite often in a negative sense. stay away from it even Hollywood stars not spared, as the recent interview with a well-known actor from the popular mystery series Stranger Things proves.

Stranger Things star was addicted to WoW

The actor David Harbour (plays the character of Jim Hopper in Stranger Things) admitted during an interview Geeked Week too, a few years ago extreme addicted to World of Warcraft to have been and thus almost changed his life and career as an actor to have ruined. “Back in 2005, I was really looking for this game! It ruined my life for almost a year. I was completely out of control. I was extremely addicted to this video game. I was a night elf warrior named Norad and the second tank in my entire guild .”

This game has freed him from WoW addiction

During this time, David Harbor’s life turned almost completely around World of Warcraft (buy now ), what of course negative effects on his acting career. Ironically, him another game helpedto get rid of this addiction and get your life back on track.

“It’s so funny because I also played The Sims. Have you ever played The Sims? You can be an actor in The Sims. You can advance in your career. But for that you have to do something, work on certain things. You have to work on your pronunciation and body right?(…) My sim was a supporting actor. I wanted him to work on his pronunciation and body. But all he wanted was to sit around and play video games. Then did me ‘whoa who whoa whoa’. There was that moment where I had my life in front of me.”

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