Street Fighter 6: Guile in the gameplay trailer

Capcom didn’t remain idle at the Summer Game Fest either and presented us with a gameplay trailer that was a hit. Introducing Guile, who should be well known to fans of the old parts.

Guile in the gameplay trailer: How he plays in Street Fighter 6

If you’re one of those old hands who have been beating each other’s fists for more than 30 years, you should know Guile very well. “America’s Hero is back” says the latest Street Fighter 6 gameplay trailer that Capcom proudly presented at Summer Game Fest. Sonic Boom!

In the trailer, we get an even better sense of what it’s like to fight until the player breaks in Street Fighter 6. The developer’s in-house RE Engine, which you already got to know in Resident Evil Village or Devil May Cry 5, makes a modern, albeit stylish impression.

Besides Guile: These characters are looking forward to their return

Long-established beat’em-up fans will get their money’s worth in Street Fighter 6, which is due to be released next year. Fun combat mechanics, paired with a reasonable portion of button mashing and the iconic moves of the most well-known thugs in video game history should ensure this in any case.

Speaking of iconic: Ryu has also been confirmed for Street Fighter 6, with his Hadouken! must have shaped an entire generation of gamers. Besides him, Chun-Li and Luke join the list of already confirmed characters.

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