Summer Game Fest 2022: All the highlights of the event

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New Games & Trailers

Summer Game Fest kicked off on June 9th with some big announcements, trailers and highlights. We list the most important information and games here.


Summer Game Fest
The Summer Game Fest was an alternative to the E3 fair for many this year.
© Summer Game Fest

On the evening of June 9th there was the Kick-off to the Summer Game Fest 2022 seen in the live stream. This time the games fair hosted by Geoff Keighley was clearly not only about small insider tips, but also about big game announcements.

This year, many publishers and developers avoided this event because the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 for short) was cancelled. Normally, the most important reveals of large studios always gathered here in addition to Gamescom.

During the evening, among other things, a remake of The Last of Us for the PS5 was announced under the title “The Last of Us Part One” appears. There were also three promising horror titles in the program: “Aliens: Dark Descent”, “Fort Solis” and “Layers of Fear”.

For the previously revealed “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” there was one 7 minute gameplay video to see. A new trailer was also shown for each of Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Gotham Knights and Saints Row.

For street fighter 6 a new character was revealed with Guile and One Piece Odyssey also received new material. Otherwise there was a lot indie title to discover. On June 10th it goes in the live stream continue with the “Epic Games Store Summer Showcase”.

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The Last of Us Part I – Announce Trailer | PS5 games

Source: Sony

Aliens: Dark Descent | Summer Game Fest 2022

Source: GameSpot Trailers

Fort Solis – Gameplay Trailer | Summer Game Fest 2022

Source: IGN

Layers of Fears Official Reveal Trailer 2022

Source: GameSpot Trailers

E3 2021 logo: red E and yellow 3 on a black background

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10.6.2022 from
Laura Pippig

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