The Callisto Protocol: Real gameplay from Gamefest

The Callisto Protocol (Action-Adventure) von Krafton / Skybound Games

As part of the Summer Game Fest, studio manager and horror fan Glen Schofield took the stage and brought gifts: an extended announcement trailer plus the first gameplay sequences could be seen.

Finest mess

In the gameplay trailer for the playable horror shocker The Callisto Protocol, from the newly founded Striking Distance Studios, which has been extended by a few scenes, you can lose your head with all the disgusting monstrosities – this is also the case for the character, who is embodied by Hollywood actor Josh Duhamel, so.

The various ways of dying the protagonist are undoubtedly one of the highlights in the spiritual sequel to Dead Space. Beautifully and effectively edited trailers are one thing. But what about when the player picks up the gamepad? Fortunately, this question was also answered.

Dead Space in a new guise

Because Schofield still had real gameplay with him that accompanies the main character Jacob Lee a few steps on his way through the darkness. There’s absolutely no doubt that Striking Distance Studios really want to deliver here. A very detailed look with nice lighting effects is able to make what is happening on the screen much more credible and comprehensible than was the case with Dead Space.

However, the gameplay is extremely similar. Not only stomping on boxes and vanquished monsters, but also using a weapon that is able to pick up objects and enemies and then throw them around is already very familiar to connoisseurs.

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For horror fans, a dream will definitely come true on December 2nd, when you can slash away on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X. And already next week we have an interview with the creative director Christopher Stone for you.