The Quarry: All Trophies Guide – All the achievements for the Platinum Trophy

The Quarry - Platin-Trophäe

In this guide article we explain to you which tasks you have to fulfill in order to complete the horror adventure The Quarry play through 100 percent. We will also provide you with the complete trophy list With all achievements to “The Quarry” including useful ones Tips and Tricks.

The Quarry: The Complete Horror Adventure Trophy List

Altogether there are in “The Quarry” 41 trophieswhich you must unlock to complete the game 100 percent to complete. Once you’ve got all 40 trophies, you’ll get them Platinum Trophy. The breakdown of the PS5 trophies is as follows:

  • 1x platinum
  • 4x gold
  • 7x silver
  • 29 bronzes

How hard is The QuarryPlatinum? If you want to get platinum for “The Quarry”, you have to play through the horror adventure several times while doing so around 30 to 40 hours invest. Among other things, you are required to ensure that all characters survive or the exact opposite. Additionally, there are different challenges of who must survive and who must die. Accordingly, you are required to be fully aware of the various choices and their consequences. After all, it is important to find all the tarot cards, clues and evidence, which also takes a lot of time.

We have listed the exact tasks below these lines.

The Quarry: The Platinum Trophy

All trophies for The Quarry on the PS4 and PS5 we have listed for you below:

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What doesn’t kill you… – Earned all trophies!

gold trophies

  • hard night – All kept alive
  • Hackett’s Quarry massacre – All killed
  • The survivor – Kaitlyn was the only one who survived
  • The white wolf – Killed Silas

silver trophies

  • The survivor – Ryan was the only one who survived
  • family thing – All Hacketts killed
  • blood pact – All characters infected
  • Peanut Butter Butter Pops! – Missed in any battle
  • single-handedly – Eliza’s help refused
  • detective work – All clues collected
  • Conspiracy theorists: in – Collected all the evidence

bronze trophies

  • prolog – Completed the prologue
  • Chapter 1 – Chapter 1 completed
  • Chapter 2 – Chapter 2 completed
  • Chapter 3 – Chapter 3 completed
  • Chapter 4 – Chapter 4 completed
  • Chapter 5 – Chapter 5 completed
  • Chapter 6 – Chapter 6 completed
  • Chapter 7 – Chapter 7 completed
  • Chapter 8 – Chapter 8 completed
  • Chapter 9 – Chapter 9 completed
  • Chapter 10 – Chapter 10 completed
  • epilogue – Witnessed the epilogue
  • At the last second – Get to Nick the quickest way
  • Honesty is the best – Jacob told Emma the truth
  • relationship crisis – Nick killed Abi
  • If only they had gone to the motel – Laura and Max reunited
  • Above the law – Travis and Laura have agreed to work together
  • mutual destruction – Laura and Travis killed each other
  • Just a flesh wound – Saved a friend from infection
  • bloodletting – Accepted the bite of a werewolf
  • Bizarre or banal – Listened to the podcast
  • Responsive – 15 interrupts enabled
  • Breathtaking! – Completed 5 breath holding events
  • full deck – All tarot cards found
  • Danger recognized, danger averted – Get tarot cards read
  • Everything makes sense – Found a matching clue
  • What is that? – First clue collected
  • The truth is out there – Collected first evidence
  • movie off – Started a game in movie mode
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The Quarry is out on June 10, 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.