Windows 11: PC manufacturers should use SSDs as boot drives

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From 2023

According to current reports, Microsoft will require PC manufacturers to use SSDs as system drives for Windows 11 from 2023.


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A timeline from left to right: HDD, SATA-SSD and PCIe-SSD.
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“Tom’s Hardware” reports, citing analyzes by Trendfocus, that Microsoft is planning changes to the specifications for Windows 11 PCs. Various OEMs and manufacturers are said to have reported that they from 2023 should no longer sell computers on which the Windows 11 system drive is set up on an HDD or magnetic hard drive. Instead, PCs, notebooks and co SSDs as boot drives be equipped.

Microsoft is said to have originally planned to take the first step in 2022 to require SSDs. But the manufacturers have been able to defend themselves successfully so far, it says in the report. If it were up to them, 2024 would be an acceptable date.

Microsoft has not yet commented on this, the official system requirements only require 64 GB of memory, without any restriction on the technology. On the Windows 11 website only two features are listed that absolutely require an SSD: DirectStorage and the Android subsystem.

Above all, offers for very cheap computers and without high performance requirements would be affected – conceivable, for example, in the education sector. Compact HTPCs, for example, also like to use inexpensive eMMC flash memory.

The price of an SSD can be almost double (SATA) or even triple (PCIe / NVMe) compared to an HDD, which in turn could break the price limits for corresponding devices or budgets of potential customers.

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The analyzes assume that this will have an impact on the HDD market – but currently without a clear trend. For the mass market, magnetic hard drives could possibly only be found in dual systems with a boot SSD and HDD for pure archiving in the future.

Normal users in this country have already been able to make friends with SSDs in the past, almost ten years. Apart from storage crises, prices have fallen continuously. There are clearly noticeable speed advantages. New computers for the mass market are almost always equipped with SSDs. HDDs are already only found in averagely priced computers as classic “data graves”.

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