Xbox Cloud Gaming Possible on Samsung TVs June 30th – News

Xbox Cloud Gaming Possible on Samsung TVs June 30th - News

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In the run-up to the Sunday, June 12 at 7:00 p.m. German time, Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase Microsoft already gives some insights into upcoming innovations apart from the video games presented there. You can find out which channels you can use to follow the showcase in this press release on the Xbox blog.

The focus of the advance notice is the expansion of game streaming through Xbox Cloud Gaming. After the service is already available through the Xbox app on mobile devices, Windows PCs and Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles, it will be extended to TV devices for the first time from June 30th. Beginning on this date, 2022 Samsung Smart TV owners will be able to install the Xbox app on their devices via the Samsung Gaming Hub. In conjunction with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can then access over 100 games. You can connect a Bluetooth-capable controller to control it, and in addition to its own devices, Microsoft also expressly mentions Sony’s DualSense. The provision of the Xbox app for TV devices from other manufacturers is planned.

A new feature will also be introduced later this year for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. While you can only play titles from Game Pass via cloud gaming so far, this should also be possible with selected games that you own. However, Microsoft has not yet announced any further details.

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A program called “Project Moorcroft” will also offer curated demos to Game Pass users from 2023. According to Microsoft, it wants to give development studios the opportunity to “advertise their games in a targeted manner all over the world”, to measure the performance of their demos and even to be remunerated. Whether this payment is linked to the success of the demos is not clear from the announcement.