Bethesda reveal Starfield with 15-minute video

Bethesda reveal Starfield with 15-minute video

Bethesda today gave a first look at Starfield in motion with the “official gameplay reveal” for their upcoming interstellar RPG. It does indeed look like Fallout 4 with spaceships, though a little less colorful than Fallout 4. Watch the 15-minute presentation here below.

Starfield is set in 2330, casting our little wizard as an explorer searching the galaxy for mysterious artifacts. Once again, we’ll be exploring big worlds, doing quests, leveling up and unlocking perks, siding with facts, gathering resources, building outposts, crafting, and shooting people, but this time not confined to one world. Game director Todd Howard said Starfield has over 100 systems and over 1000 planets and yup, we’ll get to fly to them in our very own spaceship, complete with space combat. I hope more of those planets and moons have interesting looks than the video suggests.

It kills me that after years of anticipation, the big Starfield reveal open with the most bleak and boring planet then gets straight into gathering resources. But I am probably not the person to look for enthusiasm about modern Bethesda RPGs. They build vast worlds filled with careful decoration and NPCs living to simulated schedules but almost nothing interesting to do. This could be fine if Bethesda leaned into that—I adore walking simulators—but no, they’re crammed full of repetitive quests, bad combat, and bland writing. Nothing would often be better than the something, and that frequent disappointment leaves me frustrated and bored.

Please tell me to shut up and explain why you’re excited to explore space. Put me in the funfair dunk tank and hurl your opinions at the target. I am glad that their games are so exciting to so many! Glad people enjoy them so! Maybe I’ll go dunk myself in my bathtub, give myself a thorough soaking as penance for my tired and cynical opinions.

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Starfield is due to launch in 2023, having recently been delayed from the Skyrim anniversary. It will be on Steam as well as Game Pass and yeah, of course I’ll give it a go on Game Pass. I want to go to that lush planet with the giant armored space cow.

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