Cosplaying the beautiful Caitlyn makes the Netflix series Arcane real!

Guild Wars 2: Cosplay features heroine in beautiful armor

from Matthias Brueckle
The world of Arcane is full of well-designed characters, but cosplayers always seem to fall for Jinx. So we’re all the more pleased to be able to present you with a fantastic cosplay of the arcane heroine Caitlyn in her enforcer’s uniform today!

The Netflix hit Arcane is an absolute feast for the senses, thanks to very elaborate animation that makes many other series look like children’s drawings. On top of that, the characters from Arcane are not necessarily bad to look at, which is why cosplayers naturally feel inspired. Again and again female artists dress up as Jinx. Again and again! We have already introduced you to her sister Vi. Much less often, however, hobbyists devote themselves to the LoL character Caitlyn, who also plays an important role in Arcane. Accordingly, we are happy to be able to present you with a great Caitlyn cosplay today – including a cool shotgun.