Diablo Immortal: Find the sandstone golem, so you summon the world boss (solution)

Who dares, the Hosts of Hell to defy and crush their minions gets it in the action-adventure Diablo Immortal to deal with many terrifying creatures that can give you sleepless nights. These primarily include the powerful world bosseswhich can only be defeated in large groups.

Among these terrifying figures from A Thousand and One Nightmares is a monster known as Sandstone Golem is known. If you want to defeat this monstrosity, you have to go to the same place where you found the Patchwork Hydra can oppose. Where exactly that is and how you summon the golem, we’ll tell you in this one Guide.

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Diablo Immortal: How to find and summon Sandstone Golem

Before you can even think about messing with a being that’s supposed to be a world boss for the end game was created, your character must level 60 achieved. You also have to set the level of difficulty hell 1 activated, otherwise neither the golem nor the hydra can be seen.

However, if you have already achieved this progress in “Diablo Immortal”, your path will lead you to an area known as Zoltun Kull’s archive (Library of Zoltun Kulle) is known. The location will be visited by you in the course of the campaign anyway, so you don’t have to search for it first. What you have to look for, however, are the lost pages.

These items in the original Lost Pages hot, are scattered all over the archive floor and spawn every time coincidentallyso you have no choice but to keep your eyes open and explore every corner of the area. This is of course also possible in a group if you save time and effort want.

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Only if you five of these pages found, you will receive a new item. Namely the Portal Tomesa book that allows you somewhere in the archive to open a portal. This portal leads to either a mini dungeonknown as Kull’s Hidden Chamberor summon one of the two world bosses, Patchwork Hydra or Sandstone Golem.

  • Achieved with your character at least level 60 and activates the Difficulty Hell 1
  • Go to the area Zoltun Kull’s archive
  • Collects in the archive five lost pages and thereby creates one Portal Tomes
  • Use the tome and use it to create a portaleither in one Hidden Chamber or to one powerful world boss

No matter where your portal leads, whether you can enter a mini-dungeon or fight a world boss, you have it about two minutes time to reach this place. The bosses are usually located anyway plenty of other playerswaiting to lay such a creature.

Diablo Immortal: Summon World Boss Hydra Guide
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After all, such an incantation is a events, which will notify every other fighter in the area. No wonder, after all, only large groups stand a real chance against a creature like the Hydra and the loot is gigantic, which is why everyone wants to secure a piece of the pie.

The hydra spawns by the way in the west of the areawhile the sandstone golem in the North will appear. However, anyone who is already familiar with the archive, which is very likely after searching for the Lost Pages, should visit both places easily in under two minutes reachable.

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However, if you are unlucky enough that there are only a few other players at the location and you do not have a large enough group to to stand up to the golem, then just wait. it come in Diablo Immortal after all, brave heroes stop by regularly to look around to battle with the world bossso just join them in that case.

If waiting doesn’t help, you can always search for a group in chat. Usually leave at any time of the day warriors find ones eager to challenge such a formidable opponent.