Dragon Ball: Was Vegeta able to master the SSJ3?

Dragon Ball: Was Vegeta able to master the SSJ3?

Vegeta has been a mainstay of the for decades Dragon Ball franchise. However, it often seems as if he is his eternal competitor Son Goku always one step ahead. To this day, many fans are still wondering whether Vegeta Triple Super Saiyan (SSJ3) mastered and that’s what we want to pursue today.

Vegeta and the Triple Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball

The short answer, which is certainly unsatisfactory for many, is that to this day we don’t know if Vegeta can actually do this transformation. Neither in the “Dragon Ball” manga nor in the old “Dragon Ball” anime series (Original, Z, GT) did the Saiyan prince ever use this form.

The same applies to the current stories in the Dragon Ball Super manga and anime. Based on what we have seen in these stories, Vegeta doesn’t seem to have mastered the Triple Super Saiyan. However, this does not necessarily correspond to the facts.

In both Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta has mastered transformations, which are significantly more powerful than the SSJ3: Quadruple Super Saiyan (GT) and Super Saiyan God, and Super Saiyan Blue (both Super). So why should he weaker form deploy?

It’s up to the now defunct US entertainment company FUNimationwhich published several “Dragon Ball” anime in the US, However, Vegeta actually masters the Triple Super Saiyansince in “GT” he turns into a Golden Ozaru can transform.

In Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2, Vegeta masters the SSJ3! © Bird Studio/Shueisha, Toei Animation / © Bandai Namco Entertainment

Furthermore, the story of the Fighting game Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2, Vegeta learned the transformation into an SSJ3 after defeating the demon Boo. However, since this act no part of the main story known to us (Manga, Anime), these are just indications.

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Another Vegeta has mastered the Triple Super Saiyan

The Vegeta we are currently im Dragon Ball Super Manga and soon in cinemas Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero accompany on exciting adventures, the triple Super Saiyan thus seems not to control. And if he has mastered this form, he simply does not use it.

Xeno Vegeta has the triple Super Saiyan! © Bird Studio/Shueisha, Toei Animation / © Bandai Namco Entertainment

With another Vegeta, more precisely one of a alternate timelinethis question can be answered much better: Xeno Vegeta. This is a character from Super Dragon Ball Heroeswho fights powerful villains as part of the Time Patrol.

Like his partner, Xeno Goku, this version of the Saiyan Prince has various SSJ levels successfully mastered. In addition to the triple Super Saiyan, this also includes the quadruple Super Saiyan. What his counterpart doesn’t seem to have mastered, So this Vegeta definitely has what it takes!

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