Only 4.99 euros per month: Mobile phone tariff with a flat rate and 5 GB now at the best price at

Only 4.99 euros per month: Mobile phone tariff with a flat rate and 5 GB now at the best price at

At there is a particularly cheap smartphone tariff with telephony and SMS flat rate plus 5 GB LTE data volume at the best price until June 14th at 11 a.m.

Now to the offer at

The price is so good: offers the tariff as part of the current campaign temporarily for 4.99 euros per month instead of 6.99 euros as a designated strike-through price.

According to price comparison sites, this is currently the cheapest basic monthly price for the included conditions among comparable tariffs.

The tariff offers: Next to 5 GB LTE data volume at up to 50 Mbit/s there is one in the Telefónica network Allnet telephony and SMS flat rate for unlimited use along with EU roaming.

On top of that, if necessary, there is a simple one Number portability with assumption of costs and if you don’t want a long contract period of 24 months, you can also change monthly for a one-off payment of 19.99 euros, which is otherwise not necessary.

In the meantime, the data automatic, which is activated by default, should be deactivated after the start of the contract in order to avoid unnecessary additional costs if the data volume is exceeded.

Now for the offer at

Even more choice: There are also other tariffs with more data volume currently reduced, which can also be found on the offer page. Smartphones are also available as an option.

With Drillisch Online GmbH, which belongs to 1&1, is also a well-known provider with whom you don’t have to worry about trustworthiness.

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