Starfield: You can build your own spaceship and even fly it!

As part of the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase a lot of new information and details about the upcoming action role-playing game Starfield shared with the public. One element in particular is in the foreground and should attract a lot of attention from fans: your own spaceship.

As we get to see in the first gameplay video, this one can be of yours can be fully customized. So it is up to you which means of transport you use to go into space and explore the huge game world.

StarfieldStarfield: 1. Gameplay shows shooter inserts, character creator and surprise

Build an outpost and your own spaceship

In “Starfield” you can not only own outpost build, but also your own spaceship according to your wishes. You can choose crew members and fully customize the look and layout.

Check out the official Starfield gameplay here:

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There is various modules, ship builders and more. In the gameplay video, we get to see completely different ships that are completely different in shape, color and the built-in modules. In particular, the bridge from which you control your ship looks very detailed, as do the various ship decks where you can also meet your crew.

We’re looking for an artifact in Starfield. © Bethesda Softworks/Bethesda Game Studios

Home Sweet Home

Next to your outpost, your spaceship should probably the most important place in the entire universe be where you feel at home at all times. We can only guess what other features a spaceship will have in “Starfield”. However, Bethesda seems to be making a little headway with the creation of a mobile hub in the huge game world Mass Effect to orientate and to offer players exactly what they expect from such a title.

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