As Dusk Falls will launch next month with co-op support

As Dusk Falls will launch next month with co-op support

As the developer of Dusk Falls, Interior/Night sheds more light on how users can play their new project with multiplayer support for up to eight people.

While several games were talked about during the Xbox and Bethesda presentation on Sunday, one of the most exclusive and exciting could be as dusk falls. The interactive narrative story got a full trailer during the weekend event that not only announced as dusk falls‘ long-awaited release date, but also that it will have multiplayer support.

Developer Interior/Night’s newest project was first announced in 2020 as an Xbox Series X console exclusive, and since that first reveal, bits and pieces about the game have been leaking here and there. Those drips had included hints that as dusk falls was inching ever closer to release, thanks in no small part to increased talk of the title in recent months coupled with an official ESRB rating.


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On Sunday, the new trailer showcased gameplay footage intended to shed more light on what players can expect in terms of the game’s story, as well as its engaging art style. The video also disclosed that the game will have multiplayer support and will allow up to eight people to play together.

How the multiplayer aspect of as dusk falls will take place is still a bit of a mystery. However, this wouldn’t be the first narrative-driven game that potentially has a couple of different options when it comes to playing with another person. medan man it changed the way this type of game usually works by offering a multiplayer mode that only allowed certain players to see certain parts of a given scene if they played together online. On the other hand, this and the other Dark Pictures titles also allow for a couch co-op mode.

The answer to how as dusk falls will handle eight different people playing at the same time, luckily, it’s just around the corner too. Another big part of the Interior/Night announcement is that the game is coming to Xbox Game Pass next month.

While this new narrative drama game that centers around a group of people in a small town is coming next month, there’s still a lot to learn about the title ahead of its release. Last month, it was hinted that the game could be the first in a series or the first installment of a larger title, as it was officially named. as dusk falls Season 1. Xbox Game Pass users will be able to see what mysteries the game hides shortly.

as dusk falls It’s coming to PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on July 19.

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