Custom Xbox controller adds PlayStation face buttons

Custom Xbox controller adds PlayStation face buttons

A custom Xbox controller adds PlayStation face buttons that replace the traditional Xbox letter buttons usually seen on the controller.

the enmity between xbox Fans and PlayStation fans have been ongoing, but most prefer to coexist peacefully. A creative fan once made a custom Xbox Series X controller with the face buttons usually seen on a PlayStation controller.

Traditionally, Xbox controllers have the following face buttons: X Left, Y Up, B Right, and A Down. Each button has its own function which tends to vary depending on the game and the menu being used. At the other end of the spectrum, PlayStation controllers have symbols like face buttons instead of letters. They are X, square, circle, and triangle, all with features similar to those found on Xbox controllers.


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Reddit user mike24jd showed off an image of his custom Xbox controller on the Xbox Series X subreddit. The Xbox controller was made for a friend of his who had requested that PlayStation face buttons be added to the controller instead of the regular Xbox ones. The controller body has the textured metal look with silver thumbsticks, bumpers and triggers. The buttons themselves have an opal-like finish and there’s a logo at the bottom that gives it the look of a high-quality third-party Xbox controller.

The controller looks very nice and elegant in its design. Mike24jd responded to a comment on the post detailing how he did it, mentioning that it’s half custom, half ordered parts. Either way, it’s an interesting idea to want PlayStation face buttons on an Xbox controller. It makes a lot of sense, of course, if the player is more familiar with the PlayStation button configuration than the Xbox configuration. The person who commissioned the controller likely wanted to use it for PC gaming, as Xbox controllers are some of the most popular controllers on the platform.

The design of this controller is impressive and it has a unique look, even with the monochrome color scheme. It’s not as flashy and colorful as a custom Skyrim-inspired Xbox controller, but it does have its own charms, like the PlayStation buttons that have an opalescent glow.

Xbox controllers are usually sold in many official skins and Xbox even releases its own special edition controller for Pride Month. This controller is easily one of the only ones with the merging of two rivals that can now peacefully co-exist in one controller.

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Font: mike24jd – Reddit

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