Apex Legends Mobile Releases Cold Snap Gameplay Trailer

Apex Legends Mobile's new Frost Grenade in action.

Apex Legends Mobile’s Cold Snap update will be available to download today, and Respawn Entertainment is getting an early start with a new gameplay trailer showcasing all of the new content players can expect to find in the mobile game’s newest update.

As previously reported, Loba will debut in Apex Legends Mobile alongside the Cold Snap update. But while she’s usually the center of attention, she may be overshadowed by Apex Mobile’s newest thrown artillery: Frost Grenades. These cold explosives are no ordinary snowballs: they damage the enemy on impact and freeze them, restricting their ability to move.

Playing now: Apex Legends Mobile: Cold Snap Gameplay Trailer

Of course, no big Apex update would be complete without loot. Today’s gameplay trailer gives players a glimpse of the new icy loot boxes and map changes that were mentioned in yesterday’s patch notes, along with a preview of some of the upcoming Season Pass cosmetics. battle, all ice-themed of course.

Just like Apex Legends on console and PC, Apex Mobile has a standard Premium Battle Pass and an expanded Premium Battle Pass. While the full content of the Cold Snap Battle Pass won’t be known until the update is released, here’s what we know so far:

Premium Battle Pass:

  • 1 Eternal Legend Skin (Octane – Ice Climber)
  • 2 Legendary Legend Skins (Bangalore – Winter Ghillie, Bloodhound – Snow Prints)
  • 2 Legendary Weapon Skins (EVA-8 Auto Shotgun, Devotion LMG)
  • Cosmetic rewards (Banners, Emotes, Syndicate Packs, etc.)
  • 800 Syndicate Gold

Premium Plus Battle Pass:

  • All Battle Pass Premium content
  • 80% BP Bonus XP
  • 500,000 BP XP (level 10 BP)
  • Limited Avatar Frame

Players will also experience a city takeover once the Cold Snap update goes live. The air conditioner in World’s Edge is getting a frosty makeover that impacts gameplay in a unique way. The weatherizer allows players to cover certain points of interest with a layer of fresh snow, spawning icy loot boxes with collectible diamonds and icy grenades inside. Diamonds can be used to purchase cosmetics from the Cold Snap seasonal store, and can also be found in enemy kill boxes.

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Apex Legends Mobile’s new Frost Grenade in action.

In addition to the Climatizer Town Takeover, an LTM known as Armed and Dangerous will also make its mobile game debut through this update, allowing players to show off their skills using only shotguns and sniper rifles.

There’s sure to be more to come, but the wait is almost over: Apex Legends Mobile’s Cold Snap update launches tonight at 5pm PT / 8pm ET.

Apex Legends Mobile is available to download at iOS Y Android.

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