Battlefield 2042 Failed to load persistent data

You want Battlefield 2042 Play and get the error message “Loading persistent data” failed? Then there are at least some things you can try to get the problem under control.

Battlefield 2042: Failed to load persistent data?

What’s the matter? Especially shortly after the launch of “Battlefield 2042”, many players struggled with the error message, but the persistent data is also causing increasing difficulties at the moment. The whole thing could be due to that with Start of the first season now more people up again the servers flow that are not up to it. It is a Connection issue on Battlefield 2042 site.

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You can do this: To the problem with the Error message Failed to load persistent data There are a few simple things you can do to get it under control. Unfortunately there is no guarantee of any action so that she can solve your problems completely. But it’s always worth a try.

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  • Just keep trying: The official tip is to just try again.
  • Restart Battlefield 2042: The classic. Just restart the game or the whole system.
  • Disable crossplay: Some fans report that disabling crossplay in the options helped.
    • On the Xbox you have to block cross-network play in the communication and multiplayer settings.
  • Repair game files: If you gamble on the PC, you can look for the option Repair game files aka repair game files in the advanced settings of “Battlefield 2042” in the applications (on Steam and Co there should be a similar option by right-clicking on the game).
  • Reinstall Battlefield 2042: A reinstallation of the entire game can also help with various errors. It remains questionable whether this can solve a server-side problem, but it is also recommended again and again in connection with the persistent data in “Battlefield 2042”. Supposedly it should also make a difference whether you play “Battlefield 2042” in the official EA app, which could possibly solve the problem.

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If all of this doesn’t help, you might still have a choice check if everything is ok with your internet connection is. If there is no problem to be discovered there either, you can still check whether the EA or Battlefield servers maybe just completely down are. Otherwise, we’ll just keep our fingers crossed that EA and DICE will finally get their difficulties under control soon.

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