Capcom Showcase: All announcements at a glance!

Capcom Showcase: All announcements at a glance!

Found this last night Capcom Showcase and as with the Summer Game Fest and Xbox and Bethesda showcase, the company behind Resident Evil, Street Fighter and Monster Hunter also showcased their latest goodies. We have one for you Overview of all announcements compiled.

On to the test hunt: Monster Hunter Rise DLC Sunbreak gets a demo

The DLC closes the beginning Monster Hunter Rise, which bears the glorious name Sunbreak. A good month ago, in addition to new monsters, the release date of the expansion was also revealed, so motivated hunters can from June 30th join the fray again on Nintendo Switch and PC.

As part of the Capcom Showcase, fans were now able to find out about one new trailer who witnessed the return of the jungle area from the second generation of the Monster Hunter series. With Espinasthe Thorn Wyvern from Monster Hunter Frontier and Gore Magala From Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate there was also fresh monster food to admire.

If the previous announcements about Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak haven’t been able to convince you, you can from June 15th on the PC and the Nintendo Switch with one free demo gamble into the DLC. Rock solid hunters, on the other hand, can do that DLC already pre-order, as a reward there is a Palamute and Palico bonus layered armor set. Sunbreak should also be provided with new content until next year, as promised by Capcom.

Resident Evil Village DLC: It’s getting frosty in the Winter Expansion

The creatures from Monster Hunter are indeed a cause for spooky, but against the creepy critters from the resident Evil-Franchise they look pretty old. Accordingly, the popular horror series was next and was of course followed by the current offshoot, Resident Evil Villagecited.

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First there was new information about the already announced DLC, which was finally given a reasonable form with concrete information. The DLC is titled Winter Expansion, is scheduled for release on October 28th and consists of three parts. The first is one Story Extensionin which you play the role of Ethan’s daughter Rose hatches.

Resident Evil 8 Village: Trailer for the VR mode of the horror game

In Shadows of Rose you go on a search for the origin of your powers in the consciousness of the Megamycete and after a short time you are fighting for your life. Excitingly, he will DLC take place entirely in the third-person perspective, which fits in with the next part of the Winter Expansion.

The main game of Resident Evil Village is namely through a Third person mode expanded: With the DLC you can finally admire Ethan’s indestructible body, with which he dragged himself through the Baker house in Part 7. Those who haven’t been able to play Village due to motion sickness should be particularly happy about the new perspective.

Last but not least, the Mercenaries mode Excited about new content: With new maps and characters, the motivation to cut down the numerous werewolves again and again in record time will certainly increase. In addition to Chris Redfield, the hammer-wielding Heisenberg is also allowed to appear and is only played by the also playable Lady Dimitrescu overshadowed – literally.

The Winter Expansion for Resident Evil Village is here on October 28th and the same day comes with the Resident Evil Village Gold Edition also launched a total package that includes the main game and DLC. Also on October 28th will finally be the Multiplayer title Resident Evil Re:Verse be available, which you might want to read our preview of to refresh your memory.

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