Capcom Showcase: Much RE, little Dragon’s Dogma – but there is hope

Will Dragon's Dogma 2 be announced on June 13, 2022?  Capcom Showcase (1)

from Karsten Scholz
At Capcom’s showcase on June 13, 2022, Dragon’s Dogma should actually also be an issue. Instead of announcing a sequel to the role-playing game, however, there was only a reference to another streaming event on June 16, 2022. We summarize all the news from Capcom for you.

Last night, June 13, 2022, Capcom hosted a showcase event. In the run-up to the stream already made a list of games participating in the round. Also present: the RPG pearl Dragon’s Dogma, which is currently celebrating its 10th anniversary. Can we finally expect a sequel? We summarize the most important news from Capcom for you.

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