Community digital cameras: what photo gear for cool pictures? – Updating

Community digital cameras: what photo gear for cool pictures?  - Updating

from Stephen Wilke etc –
In the PC-Games-Hardware-Extreme-Forum many discussions about PC hardware revolve around games, but for many years the community members have also been talking shop about the right photo equipment and regularly upload photos to get feedback or just to share fantastic shots with others.

Canon, Nikon, Sony – or maybe Fujifilm or a Leica? When it comes to cameras, photographers are spoiled for choice, but this is often only a small part of the photo equipment. Numerous lenses, tripods and accessories such as rechargeable batteries, memory cards and carrying cases are part of the hobby for ambitious photographers. in the thread Introduce them, your (digital) cameras the photo-interested people of the community exchange ideas and show the components they use.

As you can see from the discussions, switching from one camera manufacturer to another poses a certain challenge for many. Because when it comes to operating the complex devices, the brands often follow different design philosophies in detail. Careful study of the manual and enough time to get used to it often lead to success, but tips from the community can often speed up the process. Of course, the compatibility of equipment also plays a major role.

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