Diablo 4 is all about player choice

Diablo 4: Necromancer with a lot of style

from Norbert Raetz
In the recent Diablo 4 news, Blizzard’s Joe Shely and Rod Fergusson spoke about the studio’s upcoming game. The developers explain the new features of the Necromancer class and the importance of player choice throughout the story and beyond.

Diablo 4 learns important lessons from previous Diablo games, including the game’s approach to legendary items and its endgame Paragon progression system. In two recently published Interviews by colleagues from GameSpot and IGN explained game director Joe Shely and Rod Fergusson, general manager of the Diablo franchise, which lessons Diablo 4 takes from the previous games in the series. Aside from the overall darker tone and look of Diablo 4 compared to Diablo 3, one of the main issues is the handling of legendary items.

Shely said the ability to extract powers from legendary items and plug them into other items “really opens up the possibility of customizing your gear.” [Anm.: Diablo Immortal führt dieses neue System mit der Essenz-Extraktion bereits ein].

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“It’s true, it changed the game,” added Fergusson. “We don’t talk about this often enough. In previous games, you’d take a shield with something like ‘Can summon two more skeleton mages’. And you’re like, ‘Oh, I gotta keep this… My build needs those two additional magicians.’ And eventually your level would [das Itemlevel] surpass, and I don’t want to give up the shield. I will carry this shield even if it is weak because I want this ability.”