In the Resident Evil Village DLC you will soon be able to step on opponents yourself as Lady Dimitrescu

Now it's our turn to stomp.

Now it’s our turn to stomp.

Capcom has finally fleshed out the DLC for Resident Evil Village as part of their games showcase. In addition to a new story campaign starring Ethan’s daughter Rose and a third-person option for the main game, the Mercenaries mode will also be expanded. The Mercanaries: Additional Courses will serve up new characters upon release, including our favorite vampire lady.

  • When is the Resident Evil Village DLC coming out? All expansions will be available from October 28, 2022 and can also be purchased with the main game as a Gold Edition.

This is how Lady Dimitrescu plays in Resident Evil Village

Unfortunately, the presentation only delivered a few seconds of gameplay with Lady Dimitrescu, but they have it all. The mistress of Castle Dimitrescu is not exactly squeamish and has more strength in her arms than Chris Redfield.

In the clip, she grabs a large enemy and hurls it at a group of the werewolf-like enemies, after which one of the furry villagers takes it and is pinned to the ground. After the masochists got their money’s worth in Ethan’s campaign, the sadists can now let off steam and kick properly.

In the trailer you can catch a glimpse of the vampire action from minute 1:36:

Resident Evil Village - Trailer shows content of the Gold Edition


Resident Evil Village – Trailer shows content of the Gold Edition

The perspective is a little reminiscent of Bioshock 2, in which we trudge through Rapture in the boots of a Big Daddy and also have to deal with mostly much smaller enemies. With high heels and a hat, Lady Dimitrescu measures almost three meters, so make sure you don’t get caught anywhere.

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By the way, the character is based on a real mass murderer:

The Vampire Lady is based on a serial killer


Resident Evil 8

The Vampire Lady is based on a serial killer

Not the only playable boss: In addition to Lady Dimitrescu, two other new characters are introduced in the trailer. On the one hand, with Karl Heisenberg, we can take control of another boss. The hobbyist deals properly with his hammer and should have a few more tricks up his sleeve. On the other hand, good old Chris returns, armed to the teeth as always.

More news from the Resident Evil universe:

This is the Mercanaries mode: All characters shown are playable in The Mercanaries action mode. Your goal here is to eliminate as many enemies as possible within a time limit. Kills are well rewarded, and you gradually build up a useful arsenal with which to hunt down ever-increasing hordes of monsters.