Lifeline complete rework idea would give him the best Ult in Apex Legends

Lifeline Apex Legends

An Apex Legends player has proposed a pretty interesting hotfix for the latest Lifeline ahead of its supposed buff in the next big Season 13 update.

As Respawn Entertainment introduced new legends to Apex Legends, many fans of the original battle royale characters proposed changes that would see them rank up once again.

While the developers have stated before that they can’t fully copy these ideas, they do turn the community around and often lead to new buff requests, and nerfs, where they see fit.

In Season 13, many players were brought back into the spotlight on Lifeline as the arrival of Newcastle has hampered their pick rate. Many want to see his Ultimate buffed, with one idea suggesting that it will be able to be crafted as part of his supply drop. However, there are calls to scrap it altogether.

Comeback Entertainment

Lifeline is one of the base Legends of Apex and continues to be well loved by the player base.

A pretty powerful idea has been brought up by Redditor wing6781, who suggested that Respawn should remove the supply drop and replace it with an AOE healing ability.

The idea, which has been called The Surgical Room, would allow Lifeline to place her DOC drone and create an area where teammates can gradually heal and instantly revive over a 25-second period. Also, if an enemy crossed into the area, he would take a small amount of damage every few seconds.

As the DOC drone currently works, the ability could be affected by enemy damage. Wing6781 suggested that the drone would have 125 HP, meaning it wouldn’t last long if shot at. Also, the latter would take about three minutes to load.

Idea/concept for definitive reworking of Lifeline. Focus and boost your medical and support skills. of apex legends

Now, if you think that sounds super strong, you’re not alone. While some other players are fans of the idea, there are concerns how overpowered it would be.

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Too overpowered, combine this with Wattson and Caustic and you basically have a team with no possible way to pressure them.” commented a. “Instant revive is too OP”, additional other.

As noted, Lifeline is supposedly getting upgraded as part of this year’s summer event, but his Ultimate will hardly go under the knife, which is what some fans want.