Lightyear Frontier: Space Farm Game Scenes

Lightyear Frontier (Survival & Crafting) von Frame Break, Amplifier Game Invest

In Lightyear Frontier, everything revolves around strange worlds, mech suits and your own farm in the endless expanses. In spring 2023 the peaceful farm life starts on PC and Xbox Series X|S. New game scenes have now been released.

No Man’s Sky meets Harvest Moon?

The new trailer shows what the colorful world of Lightyear is all about. According to the developers of Frame Break, we should create a new home on a strange world.

To do this, the players should collect resources, cultivate fields and keep strange farm animals alone or in co-op with up to three other combatants. To do this, seeds have to be collected, fields tilled and the plants watered. The weather also plays a role – and should even hail the harvest.

Research and Development

With the help of research and new blueprints, buildings, materials and your own mech should be able to be further developed. Along with more complex material processing and animal husbandry, players should become interstellar mech cowboys.

And the foreign world should also offer many incentives to research and explore away from your own farm. Ancient structures hold secrets that are to be gradually revealed and made usable.

Lightyear Frontier is slated for release in Spring 2023 for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

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