Lightyear: When will Pixar’s Toy Story prequel be free on Disney Plus?

The new film will soon be in cinemas Lightyear by Pixar Premiere. From the June 16th is the newest animated fun as a prequel to the popular toy storyseries can be seen in German cinemas and tells about the for the first time wild space adventures the crowd favourite Buzz Lightyear.

After a two-year break, a new work from the Oscar-winning animation company Pixar can be seen in cinemas for the first time. recently celebrated The Incredibles 2, toy story 4 and Onward Premiered during subsequent Pixar films Turning Red, soul and Luca directly on the in-house streaming service Disney+ were published. We’ll tell you when you can watch the movie “Lightyear” for free on the streaming service.

Is Pixar’s Lightyear coming to Disney Plus sooner?

Pixar’s latest coup hasn’t officially received a concrete launch date for Disney+ yet. The streaming provider recently set its own rule to publish the cinema films around 45 days after the cinema release on Disney +.

Accordingly, “Lightyear” would no earlier than August 3, 2022 (45 days after theatrical release) in the Disney Plus offer. However, should the Pixar film follow Encanto’s lead, the animated film could (30 days after theatrical release) already on July 21 on Disney+ arrive.

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What is Lightyear about?

The film is part of the Toy Story universe and tells the backstory of the famous space hero before he joined Andy’s toy gang. In his own film, the famous astronaut explores Buzz Lightyear space, already alien planets and hits new species. He is accompanied by an intrepid crew and his little companion, the Robot Cat Sox. Together, Buzz and Sox accidentally cross over 60 years into the future and have to help save a planet from aliens there.

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“In Toy Story there seems to be this incredible backstory to him as a space ranger that is only touched upon and I just wanted to keep exploring that world. So my Lightyear pitch was, ‘What was the movie Andy saw that made him want a Buzz Lightyear toy?’ And now I’m lucky enough to be able to do it.” according to the director of the film Angus MacLane (“Finding Dori”).

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