Lost Ark: Player uses over 100 bots at the same time – has Amazon given up?

Lost Ark: User ratings are becoming increasingly negative despite great updates - what's going on there?  (1)

Bots are annoying, but almost impossible to prevent in most MMOs, no matter how hard the developers try. Here and there one slips through the safety nets of the developers and can farm in peace. But what is currently happening in Lost Ark is in a completely different league. The MMO is almost flooded with bots. Bots that farm gold to then sell it for real money to players with less time.

The problem is so big that players keep queuing because the slots on the server are occupied by legions of bots. The anger about this is great and results, among other things, in the fact that the Steam ratings are gradually falling. Now you might think Amazon is cracking down on the bots and pulling out all the stops to get them out of the game. Well, maybe that’s how it is. The results of the fight against the bots are very manageable.