New Destiny 2 Patch Re-Enables Flawless Pools in Trials of Osiris

New Destiny 2 Patch Re-Enables Flawless Pools in Trials of Osiris

We’re a month away from Destiny 2’s final season, Season of the Charmed, which means most of the launch dust has likely settled. Fittingly, the patch is a small update with very few patch notes, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a big impact.

Bungie is once again enabling Flawless Pool and Flawless Pool loot after finding an issue ahead of last weekend’s Trials of Osiris. They were disabled because Bungie found an issue where players weren’t matchmaking based on win count, meaning he literally couldn’t match perfect teams. A lot of people seem to prefer playing Trials this way and enjoyed Trials last weekend, expressing that they are upset that Bungie issued a fix and hope it will change course.

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Bungie recently released a rotation system for dungeons and raids that would help keep the game live a little more… well, lively. To that end, Pinnacle gear, the highest level of legendary weapons and armor that help players rank up, is supposed to only appear in any dungeons and raids that are featured that week. However, for all its greed, the Grasp of Greed dungeon wasn’t following those rules until this week. Claw of Greed will now only drop Pinnacle gear in weeks that it’s the featured dungeon, including this week!

Elsewhere, players were stuck on Sever missions after completing boss fights and I can’t imagine a worse place to be stuck after all the emotional ups and downs of those missions. Don’t worry though, Bungie fixed it so players could at least go cry in the tower instead of in the bowels of the Leviathan. All thanks to Bungie.

For the full patch notes, read below:

Raids and dungeons:

  • Going forward, the Grasp of Greed dungeon will only drop a Pinnacle reward upon completion when it is the featured dungeon of the week.
    • Encounter completions during non-featured weeks have a chance to award a powerful reward.
    • You can learn more about the new rotator system in the TWAB above here.
  • Vault of Glass: Fixed an issue where a Titan’s Solar Throwing Hammer could interrupt Templar boss attacks.
  • Fixed an issue where sunspots could break immune shields in Vault of Glass, Garden of Salvation, and Vow of the Disciple.
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Abandoned Leviathan:

  • Server: Fixed an issue where players were unable to fully teleport out of the shame and reconciliation server activities after defeating the boss.
    • Look at. Sever is supposed to be emotional, but that doesn’t mean we had any intention of trapping you there, okay? We’ll call it bonding.
  • Nightmare Containment – ​​Fixed an issue where The Machinist would refuse to shoot and stomp on players when he was supposed to, so we gave him a stern talk and now he’s back to his usual antics.
    • The Machinist will now periodically fire a barrage of rockets at players and stomp when they get too close.

Osiris Trials:

  • Fixed an issue where players were not matchmaking properly based on win count in Trials of Osiris.
    • With this issue fixed, the Flawless Pool and Flawless Pool loot will once again be enabled on Sundays at 10am PST.

Gameplay and investment


  • The Well Rounded perk will no longer trigger when a player cancels a Charged Grenade.

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