Ninja applauds MrBeast after he announced the League tournament

ninja roasts mrbeast

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has repeatedly put pressure on Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson after the great philanthropist and content creator cast a shadow over his League of Legends prowess.

On June 10, MrBeast tweeted that he may or may not host a League of Legends tournament. He immediately replied to the tweet with the simple message“Also Ninja sucks.”

Ninja’s quote retweeted MrBeast a few minutes later stating that he would dominate Jimmy in a League of Legends match “and not even come close.”

The pranks took place while Ninja was streaming, so Tyler also shared his thoughts on the stream doubling down on his ability to best MrBeast.

Ninja grills MrBeast live

He took out the “Ninja sucks” tweet on the stream after a viewer called it out. Tyler said, “MrBeast is talking about some League thing, bro?”

After reading the tweets out loud, Ninja delved into MrBeast’s LoL game. “Do you know how bad MrBeast is in League of Legends?” he asked in his chat. “This guy is like one of the worst support players I’ve ever seen in my entire life.”

He went on to state that MrBeast would have a chance in a match between the two. “I don’t know if he is organizing the tournament or if he is part of it. Either way, he would absolutely dominate MrBeast in a 1v1 situation. Or a 5v5 situation, and he wouldn’t even come close.”

MrBeast has not provided any further details about the alleged tournament, but now fans are eager to see the two superstars go head-to-head. Maybe fans can see the blue-haired streamer take down the king of content.

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