Pokémon GO: Field research & research day June 2022 at a glance

Pokémon GO: Field research & research day June 2022 at a glance

So that you in Pokemon GO doesn’t get boring, the makers of the mobile hit have of course also all kinds of field research again in June 2022 prepared for you. Which tasks are worthwhile and how the research day went is, we will tell you in this article.

This field research in Pokémon GO is worth it in June 2022

Before we go into the tasks, let’s first clarify how you can accept field research: You only have to go to one PokéStop or an Arena go and turn the photo disk there. A quest will then be unlocked for you. Per day you can only in this way one Field Research per PokéStop or Arena receive. For different tasks you have to turn several signs.

You can maximum three field researches at the same time pursue. If you wish to accept new quests, you must first complete your active quests or delete them from your list. The field research can be used in “Pokémon GO” in five categories subdivide. These are:

  • To catch (catches a specific type or number of Pokemon)
  • Friendship (increase affection for your Pokémon or make friends with other trainers)
  • Battle (fight other players, Team GO Rocket or do raids)
  • throw (throw your Pokéball in certain ways)
  • Miscellaneous (these tasks cannot be assigned to a fixed area)

Now we give you an overview along with you which tasks from the five field research categories in June 2022 in “Pokémon GO” are particularly rewarding. The site has a complete list of all available quests LeakDuck collected.

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Let’s start with To catch. Here you should focus on the tasks Use 5 berries to catch Pokemon and Catch 5 Pokemon focus. For the first quest you can enter as a reward phanpy received and for the latter there is the possibility of one squeak. The tasks from the category Friendship are worth it this month Notsince there are no exciting rewards.

Many tasks await you in field research! © The Pokemon Company/Niantic

Unfortunately, the same applies to them Combat Field Research. The area is all the more worthwhile for this throwspecifically the quest Land 5 great curveball throws in a row. As a reward for this, wave in Pandir, one of the rarest pocket monsters in Pokémon GO. The task can time consuming be, but the prospect of getting this Pokémon is well worth it.

Finally, a few words about the other field researchwho are waiting for you in June 2022. Here is your task Hatch an egg heartfelt. With Larvitar and Mantax There are also two rather rare Pokémon waiting for you here as rewards, so take this opportunity.

For a Field Research task, you can get Larvitar! ©1995-2019 Nintendo/Creatures Inc. /GAME FREAK inc.

Now we would like to go to the research day look back in “Pokémon GO”, which will be released on June 12, 2022 took place. But what is that actually? It was a special time-limited event. For four hours there were changed spawns and limited research tasks in the wilderness.

This is how Pokémon GO Research Day arrived in June 2022

Many players seem to be from the event as a whole to have been very impressed and comment positively on the research day via social media. Especially the good yield of rare Shiny Pokémonwhich was widely criticized in the last “Pokémon GO” event of this kind, was now as successful highlighted. Here are a few Twitter posts we picked:

  • @ItsFleeceKing: “35 Shinies from Research Day. (…) Shiny rates were INCREDIBLE.”
  • @trainerhamzia: “We need a research day at least once a month.”
  • @rfmx22: “This special research event is CRAZY?! You absolutely have to take part.”

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However, the research day cannot do without criticism. Especially Pokémon GO players from rural regions criticized the significantly lower number of spots required for the quests compared to urban areas. The chances of some of the coveted rare pocket monster really sink in.

on Reddit wrote for example User Ausjamevents like the research day are for players, “who don’t have access to many PokéStops, very exhausting.” Due to the reduced number of these important points, players are in certain regions simply at a disadvantage.

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Did you have last weekend on research day took part? And do you edit them in “Pokémon GO” right now research tasks for June 2022? Feel free to tell us in the comments!