Pokémon GO: The 10 best plant-type attackers as a list – raid guide

Pokemon GO Roserade

We show you the 10 best plant-type attackers in Pokémon GO in this raid guide. You can find out here on MeinMMO which movesets are best suited and why it is worth using these monsters.

So that you are well prepared in the raid battles, you should put together a team with the right counters. Below is a list of the top 10 plant attackers. These are particularly useful in battles against water, rock, and ground-type Pokémon.

A list of the best attackers of all types can be found here.

The 10 best plant attackers in the ranking

  1. Roserade with razor blade and shrub
  2. Zarude with tendril and leaf scourge
  3. Kapu Toro with ball seed and shrub
  4. cap mushroom with ball seed and shrub
  5. Tango Loss with Vine Slash and Solar Beam
  6. Venusaur with Vine Chop and Flora Statue
  7. Gewaldro with ball seed and flora statue
  8. celebi with magic leaf and leaf storm
  9. folipurba with razor blade and leaf blade
  10. torture terrarar with razor blade and Flora statue

How did the ranking come about? In our overview of the best grass attackers, we have considered all the Pokémon that you can get in the game. So you can find the monsters in the wild, in raids, through special research or through development, among other things. For the ranking, we based ourselves on the values ​​of the respective monsters and their moveset.

The Best Crypto Plant Attackers and the best Grass-type Mega Pokémon we have not considered them in this ranking and will deal with them separately at the end of the article.

1. Roserade

Roserade normal (left) and as Shiny (right)

Best Moveset: Razor leaf and shrub

The flower-like Pokémon Roserade comes from the 4th generation of games and belongs to the types Grass and Poison. It has the two pre-developments Knospi and Roselia.

Roserade convinces above all with a high attack value. This one is even a little bit better than Zarude’s. In return, it is slightly weaker in endurance and defense. With its instant attack Razor Leaf, however, it does a lot of damage to the opponent.

Can you catch Shiny Roserade? No, but you can catch Shiny Roselia and then evolve it into Roserade. The Shiny-Roserade wears a purple and black flower on its arms.

2. Zarude

Pokemon GO Zarude

Best Moveset: Vine Slash and Leaf Scourge

Zarude is a mysterious non-light and grass-type Pokémon from the 8th generation of games. It made its in-game debut as part of the 2021 Jungle Event and could be secured once in the Quest for Zarude Special Research.

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Zarude has high attack and stamina values. His defense is solid. With Vine Slash and Leaf Scourge, it has two relatively fast attacks. But since the Pokémon only existed once before, you had to be lucky to get a strong specimen.

Are there shiny zarudes? No, Zarude is not yet available in game in his dazzling form.

3. Tapu Toro

Pokémon GO Tapu Toro
Kapu Toro

Best Moveset: Ball seed and shrub

Tapu Toro is a legendary Pokémon from the 7th generation of games and belongs to the Grass and Fairy types. It is the patron saint of the island of Ula-Ula and has no advances or advancements.

It can really score with its attack and defense values. Especially in attack it is a bit stronger than Zarude and Roserade. With Bullet Seed and Shrub, it also has a relatively fast moveset, but does slightly less damage.

Is there a Shiny Tapu Toro? Unfortunately, Tapu Toro cannot yet be caught in-game in its shiny form.

4. Cap Mushroom

Pokémon GO Mushroom Shiny
Kapilz normal (left) and as Shiny (right)

Best Moveset: Ball seed and shrub

Mushroom is the evolution of Knilz and belongs to the Grass and Fighting-type Pokémon. Not only does it stand out among the top plant-type Pokémon, but it’s also one of the top 10 best attackers of the fighting type.

Kapilz can score especially with a high attack value. This is only slightly worse than Zarude’s. However, it’s not very durable in combat, so it won’t stay by your side for long.

Like Tapu Toro, it uses a Bullet Seed and Shrubber moveset, which is relatively fast but also does relatively little damage.

Is there a shiny cap mushroom? Yes, you can catch a Shiny Knilz and then evolve it into Kapilz. You can recognize the dazzling form by the orange body.

5. Tango Loss

Pokemon GO Tango Loss
Tango Loss normal (left) and as Shiny (right)

Best Moveset: Vine Slash and Solar Beam

The Grass-type Pokémon Tangoloss is the evolution of Tangela. It comes from the 4th game generation. It can fall back on solid attack and defense values ​​and scores particularly well in endurance. This makes it relatively steadfast and will last you longer in battle.

Its Solar Beam charging attack does a fair amount of damage to opponents, but it takes a relatively long time to charge. But it can shine with its fast attack tendril slash.

Can you catch Shiny Tangoloss? Shiny Tangoloss already exists in the game. To get it, you must first catch a Shiny Tangela. You can recognize it by its green body.

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6. Bisaflor

Pokemon GO Venusaur
Bisaflor normal (left) and as shiny (right)

Best Moveset: Vine Slash and Flora Statue

Another strong plant attacker is Bisaflor. The last evolution of the first generation starter Pokémon Bulbasaur belongs to the Grass and Poison types. Similar to Tangoloss, it has solid attack and defense stats, but withstands a bit less.

On the other hand, it can score points with its move set of vine slash and flora statue. It not only has a fast instant attack, but also does a lot of damage with its charged attack. Bisaflor is also a Pokémon that is relatively easy to get in the game and should therefore not be missing from your team.

Can you catch Shiny Venusaur? Yes, Shiny Venusaur can be lucky enough to be caught after completing a relevant Mega Raid. Alternatively, you can capture a Shiny Bulbasaur and evolve it into Bulbasaur. You can recognize the Shiny by its green body and the yellow flower on its back.

7. Gewaldro

Pokemon GO Gewaldro
Gewaldro normal (left) and as Shiny (right)

Best Moveset: Bullet Seed and Flora Statue

The plant Pokémon Gewaldro comes from the 3rd game generation and has the two pre-developments Geckarbor and Reptain. Gewaldro has solid values ​​in attack and stamina, only in defense it is a bit worse and can therefore withstand less damage.

It can score with its event-charged attack, Flora Statue. This is loaded relatively quickly and does a lot of damage to the enemy.

Can you catch Shiny Gewaldro? In order to get Shiny Gewaldro, you must first catch a Shiny Geckabor and evolve it appropriately. You can recognize the dazzling Gewaldro by its blue body.

8. Celebi

Pokemon GO Celebi
Celebi normal (left) and as Shiny (right)

Best Moveset: Magic leaf and leaf storm

The Mythical Pokémon Celebi is of the Psychic and Grass types. It has no advancements or advancements and was previously only found in game special research. The little monster scores particularly well in terms of stamina, but its attack and defense are also solid.

With its Spell Leaf and Leaf Storm moveset, it deals a lot of damage to the opponent, but it also takes some time for Leaf Storm to charge.

Does Shiny Celebi exist? Yes, the dazzling Celebi could already be caught once through the special research “A Dazzling Distraction”. Unlike its normal form, the Shiny is pink.

9. Folipurba

Pokemon GO Folipurba
Folipurba normal (left) and as Shiny (right)

Best Moveset: Razor Blade and Leaf Blade

Another good plant attacker that’s relatively easy to secure is Folipurba. The Plant Pokémon is one of the 8 evolutions of Eevee and comes from the 4th generation of the game.

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His attack, defense, and endurance stats are solid. It also deals decent damage to opponents with its Razor Leaf and Leaf Blade moveset. In addition, you can also play leaf blade relatively quickly.

Can you catch Shiny Folipurba? If you catch a Shiny Eevee, you can evolve it into a Shiny Folipurba. It can only be distinguished from the normal form by a slightly darker body.

Pokémon GO: Eevee evolution – names, tricks & tasks to evolve

10. Torter Terrarium

Pokemon GO Torter Terrarium
Torterrar normal (left) and as Shiny (right)

Best Moveset: Razor Leaf and Flora Statue

Torterrar is the last evolution of Chelast. The Grass and Ground-type Pokémon is from the 4th generation of the game. Above all, it can convince with a strong endurance. His attack and defense are solid. With Razor Leaf and Flora Statue, it also does a lot of damage to the opponent.

Is there Shiny Torterra? Yes, to do this you must first capture a Shiny Chelast and evolve it into Torterra. The Shiny then not only has a green back but also greenish legs and the tree on the side of the body is also completely green.

Best Crypto Plant Attackers

  1. Crypto Tangoloss with Vine Slash and Solar Beam
  2. Crypto Venusaur with Vine Chop and Flora Statue
  3. Crypto Torterrarar with Razor Leaf and Flora Statue
  4. Crypto Kokowei with Bullet Seed and Solar Beam

Why are Crypto Pokémon worth it? Shadow Pokémon benefit from a 20 percent attack bonus compared to other Pokémon. They do more damage to the opponent in battle. However, they can withstand a little less in combat and will not last as long. Still, it’s worth using them in the raid.

Best Mega Plant Attackers

  1. Mega Venusaur with Vine Slash and Flora Statue
  2. Mega Rexblisar with Razor Blade and Energy Ball

Why are Mega Pokémon worth it? In Pokémon GO there are various monsters that have a so-called Mega Evolution. They can be temporarily evolved with the help of Mega Energy and are slightly stronger.

In addition, moves that are of the same type as the Mega Pokémon get an additional boost. In this way, not only their own attacks, but also the attacks of other monsters of this type are strengthened in battle.

Since both Mega Venusaur and Mega Rexblisar are of the Plant type, they are definitely worth using in raids.

Which grass-type Pokémon do you prefer to use? Let us know here on MeinMMO in the comments.