Redfall: Open-world vampire shooter’s first gameplay released

After 2021 the first trailer to red case appeared, show current gameplay scenes finally what awaits us. The development team of arcane Studios ventures, after the steampunk stealth adventure Dishonored and the space horror scenario preynow to that vampire theme and for the first time in an open game world.

After Revealed at last year’s E3 the shooter was supposed to appear this year, but it was postponed to 2023.
At the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase 2022 became not only that Release period reconfirmedbut also an almost six-minute gameplay trailer shown.

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Redfall’s open world

“Redfall” is in two districts divided and can be only on foot explore – this open world is correspondingly small and compact. So if you want a gigantic game world à la Assassin’s Creed expected, is unfortunately wrong. Nevertheless you can move freelyso you have no default game path.

Redfall: Story and Characters

The eponymous town is located on an island in the US state of Massachusetts and was overrun by vampireswho are so powerful that they the sun darkens and the entire place cut off from the outside world to have.

as vampire hunter and armed to the teeth, it’s now: Find out what’s going on and the Free the city from the bloodsuckers and retake it.

You have the choice between four different characters with individual abilities:

  • Layla Ellison: A biomedical engineering student who became a victim herself in the experiments that led to the vampire plague in Redfall. However, this gave her telekinetic abilities.
  • Jacob Boyer: The ex-military sniper has a supernatural eye and a raven that he can use to uncover areas. He can also eliminate threats from a safe distance.
  • Remi de La Rosa: The engineer is actually part of an elite Navy rescue unit. Due to a shipwreck, she ends up in Redfall together with her little robot Bribon. Bribon serves as a useful helper against the vampires.
  • Devinder Crousley: The Brit is a famous ghost hunter. In Redfall he gets (apparently for the first time) to deal with really evil paranormal beings.

StarfieldStarfield and Redfall are postponed – new release date?

Solo or co-op

Can be played as Single player or in co-op mode. Both modes have their appeal, but also their pitfalls: If you play alone, you really are alone. There is no AI that supports you and also the Switching to another character will probably not be possible during the course of the game be.

The procedure should therefore be adjusted accordingly. while you plunge into the fray in a group of four you should proceed a little more cautiously solo, otherwise you will quickly become a blood preserve yourself.

Whether Arkane with “Redfall” ultimately the Needs of single and co-op players can be satisfied, of course, remains to be seen. Maybe there is one before that Preview or demo version.
The information and pictures so far look good.

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