Sykkuno Baffled After Discovering BTS’s Tweets When Searching His Name On Twitter


YouTube streamer Sykkuno was left baffled after discovering that when he searches for his name on Twitter, it brings up tweets about popular K-Pop group BTS instead of tweets about the creator.

This is not the first time that Sykkuno has been part of a bad search result scenario.

Valkyrae discovered in August 2021 that after switching to YouTube Gaming, those who searched for her name on Twitch were greeted by Sykkuno’s channel.

Now, Sykkuno has been left baffled after realizing he’s in a similar situation on Twitter, as tweets about popular K-Pop band BTS appear when he searches for their name.

Sykkuno was baffled after finding tweets from BTS

During a recent stream, fans in chat asked Sykkuno if they could have a ‘fan art’ section on the community’s Discord server. The YouTuber replied, “I probably should.”

He went on to explain how he has been going through fan art and that there was an issue recently that left him stumped.

“Usually I would go to Twitter and search for Sykkuno and I might see fan art or people on merch. But lately, I search for Sykkuno and get a lot of BTS stuff. It’s not that I don’t like BTS or anything, I just get really confused. It’s already hard to see things,” Sykkuno explained.

“I’m trying to see him and 90% of his BTS and I’m like, ‘Am I looking for the right thing?'”

Dexerto searched for the creator’s name as evidence and got different results, but that’s probably due to the platform’s algorithm.

However, thanks to tweets from Sykunno fans — it is clear that he is not alone in the search error.

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