System Shock : New gameplay trailer for the upcoming remake

You can play a new demo of System Shock Remake.

System Shock is probably one of the most popular game series ever. Of course, fans are eagerly awaiting the upcoming remake of the horror shooter from NIghtdive Studios. We even got a new trailer for the PC Gaming Show 2022, which conveys the creepy atmosphere of the shooter pretty well.

System Shock trailer, gameplay, and Warren Spector on the PC Gaming Show

The presented trailer mainly focuses on the surroundings of the space station, but a few battle scenes are also presented. Of course, System Shock wouldn’t be System Shock without everyone’s favorite AI, SHODAN, which is why it makes an appearance as well.

After the trailer, there was even a little interview with Warren Spector, the creator and director of the original System Shock. Although he is not directly involved with the remake, he acts as a kind of advisor for Nightdive. Incidentally, Spector is working with OtherSide Interactive on a completely new game itself.

“SHODAN is way too close to reality right now. I’ve worked on several games now where they have a predictive quality that I could never have predicted and System Shock is one of them. SHODAN is just around the corner so far is to judge. Let’s just hope she doesn’t show up in such a nasty form as she did back in 1994.”

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