The Block: City building simulator from Germany rethinks the genre

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Numerous city building simulators have been published in recent years. Known examples are here Cities: Skylines or classics like Sim City. The solo developer has now come up with a completely new idea for the genre Paul Schnepf from Berlin. His current project is The block – a minimalist one city ​​building toy for the PC. You can be here in a few minutes small town set up – without any stress.

First trailer introduces gameplay to The Block

If you want to get your first look at gameplay from The Block, check out this one trailers to the project that was published this week. While your city consists of a few tiles at the beginning, more randomly generated fields will be added as the level progresses, which you can add to your work. So you tinker in no time colorful dioramawhere you don’t have to worry about tasks or goals.

Demo now available for a limited time

As part of the Steam Next FestPaul Schnepf now has one too small demo provided by The Block. This gives you a little foretaste of the title. You have to hurry though. The Steam Next Fest only runs until June 20, 2022. After that, the demo will disappear again. You can find the download on the product page on Steam. Below we have included the mentioned trailer for The Block for you.